If you were one of the lucky attendees for OFFF Barcelona 2016, then you must have received this beauty! Like every year, OFFF director's generosity gets bigger and bigger, distributing OFFF official book for all 2,000+ attendees; making sure each person gets his and her own doses of inspiration.

Archetype is a concept created by Atelier school for OFFF Barcelona 2016. It is the voice of a great collaboration created through words, concepts, ideas, thoughts, images and emotions.

Archetype is a mix between the classical dictionary with alphabetical order and an inspirational design book. Archetype is about all of us telling the real story of our profession.

More than one hundred professionals collaborated with their personal visions in different design areas, making this book a complete archetype such as Michael Bierut, Steven Simpson, Stefan Sagmeister, BAKEA, Musketon, Paula Scher, Annie Atkins, Mau Morgo and many more.

We had the honor to also work on the beautiful front and back cover designed exclusively by talented studio Sawdust

Moreover, we included commissioned artworks based on our interpretation of Carls Jung’s Archetypes and gave one of them to each artist, so they could create never-before-seen content inspired by them: As the Animus and Anima one's.