WhyTalks x OFFF Guille Cascante

WhyTalks x OFFF Guille Cascante

WhyTalks x OFFF Isabel Martinez

WhyTalks x OFFF Isabel Martinez

whyTalks x OFFF Héctor Ayuso

April 7 - 17:00


“You are what you make.”

OFFF founder and creative leader Héctor Ayuso makes things. Fun things. Beautiful things. Things that make your heartrace, and your mind whir. He helps others make things. Engineers, programmers, artists, photographers, craftsmen and women... Anyone with potential.

He is a serial collaborator, a creative whose greatest desire is to see projects realised.

‘I don’t make people more creative. I don’t teach them skills. I just unlock whatever they have inside.’ And this is the essence of OFFF which he founded at the beginning of the 21st century: a crossroads for the curious to unlock whatever it is they need unlocking.

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