Moving Brands

Moving Brands

Michelle Dougherty W/ Imaginary Forces

April 6 - 20:45


Michelle Dougherty is an Emmy nominated creative director, designer, and live-action director best known for her TV show title sequences which include Stranger Things, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Vinyl, Boardwalk Empire and Band of Brothers.

She has spearheaded live-action commercials, advertising campaigns, and, most recently, her award-winning feature documentary, Sonic Sea. Her keen eye for detail and designer’s sensibility have landed her projects in the Hammer Museum, Walker Art Center and Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum.

Michelle’s tactile approach to storytelling has been recognized by the AIGA and featured in numerous publications with Communication Arts, IdN, PromaxBDA and Creativity.

Imaginary Forces is a design studio and production company. From brand campaigns to feature films, traditional media to new media, concept development to strategy building and beyond; their ideas are inspired by the the world around them.

They turn insight into opportunity, opportunities into stories, and stories into compelling experiences. On any platform, any screen, everywhere you look, lives a product of Imaginary Forces.

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Stranger Things, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Vinyl, Boardwalk Empire, Band of Brothers