PLAYRESTART X OFFF: Ariel Guersenzvaig

PLAYRESTART X OFFF: Ariel Guersenzvaig

PlayRestart x OFFF: Javier Cañada

PlayRestart x OFFF: Javier Cañada

PLAYRESTART x OFFF: Danny Saltaren

April 6 - 19:00


Danny Saltaren is a freelance designer with a focus on digital products and branding. Previously a student for the Vostok program of interaction design, he's currently involved in both work and teaching about UI and design system at Ironhack.

His interest is in deepening his approach on how to integrate design in development teams more efficiently and make sure digital products are better, stronger and easy to scale in time.

He was the lead designer during the launch of Samyroad, head designer in the launch of Fever App and lead designer of one of the teams who made the launch of Jobandtalent marketplace possible.

He cofounded a design firm where we helped big and smaller clients in their adventures.

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